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AIDAN BAKER "Shape of Snakes" Book

AIDAN BAKER "Shape of Snakes" Book
averse publishing

ISBN 978-3941893047
18,8 x 18,6 x 0,8 cm
The book is limited to 500 copies.

About „The Shape of Snakes“
When you turn the first page, when you pass through the cathedral of snakelike coiling roots, when you crawl underneath, into the shadows of the mighty Yggdrasil, the world tree, you‘ll enter into a place built of so much more than just words. A placed founded in so much more than just one vision. A place that stretches far beyond the scope of one man‘s dream. The Shape of Snakes is a daring Dragon‘s ride across a world dreaming itself, a ride, fueled by the endless coiling and uncoiling, the ever shifting balance of desire and repulsion, aggression and defeat, progress and retreat. Aidan Baker is as much the creator of this work as he is created by it ... and then undone. Consumed. And recreated. There is no past here beyond the roots of Yggdrasil. There is no place apart, nothing fundamental in those differences of race or creed, of traditions and myths. To be precise: there is no there. Creation myths from the Judeo-Christian tradition, Norse and Mesopotamian mythology, and Aztec and Druidic ritual and symbology - everything is and is of consequence and means nothing in the end. The Shape of Snakes translates into a feverish prose the one big story always told in thousand different, splitter tongues. Baker‘s verses coil. Uncoil. Coil and uncoil with a perpetually growing strength, to suddenly strike at you, from this vast realm of the worlddream, shattering the waking.

About the Author: Aidan Baker is a writer and musician from Toronto, Canada currently living in Berlin, Germany. He has released numerous albums under his own name and with his duo Nadja and has performed around the world. His previous books include Place Name, Wound Culture, and Fingerspelling.