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ANORAK "Go Up In Smoke" 12inch – 07.90€

ANORAK "Go Up In Smoke" 12inch – 07.90€
Basement Ape Ind. | APES041
released 15 October 2013 

Clear vinyl, limited to 500 copies 

A1 | I've Never BeenA2 | Part Of You
A3 | Go Up In Smoke
A4 | Deserve Your Meat
A5 | Damaged This Day
B6 | Empty Bottle For A Full Life
B7 | Horror For Trance
B8 | Red Cellar (Part 1)
B9 | Red Cellar (Part 2)
B10 | BacklashB11 | Vain

<a href="">Go up in smoke by ANORAK</a>
With Go up in smoke, ANORAK has given an album that holds up to their classic repertoire of grind 'n roll, delivering another milestone in their career. Inarguably ANORAK's most musically adroit and sonically punishing album to date, the quartet still thrillingly approach post-ambiances. Reinforcing their genuine affirmation of how extreme music can be, deprived off any obtuse interpretation. Grade-a music.

#chaotic hardcore #hardcore #grindcore