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BATTLE PATH ‎"Empiric" 12inch 05.90€

BATTLE PATH ‎"Empiric" 12inch  05.90€
Alerta Antifascista Records | AA83
released 15 December 2012

Black 180g Vinyl, limited to 300
Comes in Heavy Cover w/ Heavy Printed Innersleeve.

A1 | Waking Hour | 7:14
A2 | Closer | 6:42
B1 | The Waiting | 11:16
B2 | Silence | 9:30
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A recent release out of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Battle Path play an amalgamation of various extreme metal subgenres. As evidence by the shrieks, moody atmosphere and fast-picked buzzing, the overarching influence is black metal, but the band gives so much attention to other influences that this EP has something for every metal fan, unless continuity is your thing. Mesmerizing and pounding, the opening track fits right in with the current state of non-traditional black metal; swirling tremolo riffs mix with slightly punkish drums to create a landscape over which vocalist Todd Harris can unleash his piercing rasps. And just when you find yourself in the abysmal groove of what the band offers, they quickly dive into a doomed breakdown that transitions into atonal explosions.