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CONDRE SCR "You Are Genius" CD

CONDRE SCR "You Are Genius" CD
Oxide Tones | oxide017
released 24 February 2012

Comes in a beautifully designed and crafted cardboard slipcase.

Recorded by Tobias Siebert at Radio Buellebrueck Studio, Berlin, 2010. Mixed and mastered by Falk Andreas at Tonmeisterei, Oldenburg, 2011. All music written and produced by Condre Scr.

1 | Boca | 3:50
2 | Bogatell | 5:35
3 | The Excellent Cook | 5:55
4 | Remo Boys | 5:03
5 | Jerome | 2:57
6 | Fram | 3:53
7 | Ask The One You Know | 4:44
8 | Kong Me | 4:57
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Hailing from the German capital, Condre Scr are experts in finely balancing various aspects of multiple genres. From shoegaze to Post-Rock, Indie to Instrumental, their musical approach is one of creativity and not a structured attempt to reach a specific goal. The five piece create music that, although palatable to most Post-Rock fans, is not that easy to categorize. Each instrument plays its own important role, and the end product is one that seems to have its only goal in existing.

Condre Scr has been off the radar for the last few years, but that doesn't mean they have been inactive. With their unique blend of harrowing harmonies and delicate melodies, You Are Genius is a fitting follow-up to Jar Marsen. They remain true to themselves and their sound, the album is a winding path between hope and darkness. In a beautifully hand-made packaging, this is an album that belongs in the collection of anyone that considers music to be an artform and not an item destined for commercial consumption.