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pneuma‐dor | PD001
Released: 30 July 2014

black vinyl, packaged in a silkscreen print cover and limited to 200 pieces.

A1 | ebyl
A2 | convex
A3 | nort
A4 | sacer
B1 | convex (Technical Grief Remix)
B2 | ebyl (Carina Posse Remix)
B3 | sacer (mod.civil Remix)

Corecass is a solo music project based in Leipzig, which was originated by musician Elinor Lüdde in 2014. Besides taking up the reins in Corecass in a more experimental way she is (respectively was) playing the drums for the postpunk band Sleazy Inc. Operated as well as for the already disbanded screamo outfit Mio. The idea of merging recordings of different instruments and sounds appeared out of recording harp for an audiobook. The result are 4 innovative, unpredictable and completely home produced tracks on the A-­side of the record, which negates the cliché of the harp as an apparently benign tool for gentle and smoothtunes. Instead of perpetuating a stereotype Corecass succeeds in breaking the accustomed perception of instruments, commonly and historically based in rather classical or folkloristic contexts through the use of various eclectic elements such as her voice or self-­recorded sounds. Connected with electronic ingredients a perspectively alternative approach to putatively well known musical instruments is materialized. With the EP „Sacer“ Corecass casts a radically modern light on tradition-­steeped sounds. In order to go one step further in breaking tradition-­steeped sounds there are 3 remixes from 3 different artists coming from the more technoid world of music (Technical Grief, Carina Posse, mod.civil) on the b-­side. There you’ll find the attempt to alienate the original instruments and let them coalesce with danceable electronic sounds in a new context.