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GRST "Plague Seed" LP

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GRST "Plague Seed" LP
Glossolalia Records | GRFORTYONE
Released: 23 Sep. 2014

Edition of 100. This LP is pressed on 150-gram coke-bottle clear vinyl and packaged in screenprinted, recycled cardboard jackets. It includes a full color, two sided insert.

Grst (Grist)
is a band from somewhere in America. It seems like the members are scattered, but it doesn’t matter. What does matter is the music they make. Since Wolves in the Throne Room blew open the door of “ambient” black metal in the late 2000s, the sub genre in question has seesawed between hyper-lo-fi, feral, hate-fuck, grime-ridden recordings (your Ash Borers, your Fell Voices, your innumerable side-projects of said bands) and the more pristine, crystal-clear, well produced, and epic (your Deafheavens, your Vattnet Viskars, your late period Wolves’s). What Grst do so well is to combine the animal violence and grime of the best lo-fi black metal with the clear production and technicality of the more well produced acts. In the end, what actually matters is that Grst have made one hell of an ep: epic in scope, hypnotic in effect, brutal in the ear, ponderous and beautiful in the mind’s eye. Give it a spin.