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THE PRESTIGE "Black Mouths" 12inch

THE PRESTIGE "Black Mouths" 12inch
Basement Ape Ind. | APES033
released 4 April 2012 

Transparent purple vinyl, limited to 500 copies 

A1 | Sofy Major – Ruin It All 
A2 | Sofy Major – Doomsayer & Friends 
A3 | Sofy Major – Some More Pills 
A4 | Sofy Major – Once Was A Warrior (Fan My...) 
B1 | Membrane – Gruesome Tales 
B2 | Membrane – Small Fires 
B3 | Membrane – Lifeless Down On The Floor

<a href="">Black mouths by THE PRESTIGE</a>Black mouths' is an ideal of tension-and-release. From tense, coiled quiet panorama into all-out assault aesthetic mode. A world-exploding sense spitting forth into all directions to come down to a bomb-fragment of choice. Speed vicious.
#post hardcore #alternative