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UNION OF SLEEP "Death In The Place Of Rebirth" 12inch

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UNION OF SLEEP "Death In The Place Of Rebirth" 12inch
Per Koro ‎| PK 050

Black vinyl limited to 400 copies

The main thing to be gained from listening to this album apart from the sheer, bombarding heaviness of it all is the pure raw honesty that is channelled through their music. Not many bands are complete in music and lyrics but "Union Of Sleep" are the real deal. They have found something special on this recording which I think is the fine balance of killer riffs, hooks, aggressive melodies but with just enough intricate moments to make this a crushing but interesting album. The album is all too short which seems even shorter due to the way the songs flow. Some songs are so short, it is hard to remember them at first but that just gives you another excuse to keep on spinning the disc. Every song is a highlight but "The Bridge" is my favorite tune on "Death In The Place Of Rebirth" but you won't find no fillers in this 30 minutes of punishing, filth-ridden rock, buy it...........9/10