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WILDERNESSKING "Mystical Future" Tape

WILDERNESSKING  "Mystical Future" Tape
Monotonstudio Records ‎| MONO 029
released December, 2015

limited to 100 copies, white shells, transparent cases

"This sense of distance – both physical and spiritual – is only enhanced upon listening to Mystical Future. From the moment that the solemn nomadic procession of “White Horses” begins its wandering journey, coloured by luminous layers of haunting melody and powered by a raw and restless energy which drives every thrumming riff and sombre, soaring harmony ever forwards, ever onwards, to the final climactic chords of epic, proggy closer “If You Leave” – all thirteen minutes of glimmering, gloomy beauty and barely restrained, elemental metallic fury – this is an album that ebbs and flows to its own rhythm and rhyme, rising and falling, heaving and swaying like a sapling in the storm, bending but never breaking, rooted firmly in the soil which gives it life and nourishment, yet reaching ever upwards towards the sky above it." –no clean singing
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A1 | White Horses | 9:37
A2 | I Will Go To Your Tomb | 6:07
A3 | To Transcend | 6:00
B1 | With Arms Like Wands | 8:20
B2 | If You Leave | 13:02